Marcus Cobb
Co-Founder & CEO of Jammber

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Marcus Cobb is the founder of Jammber, a platform that manages the entire music production process.  He shares the story of moving from Chicago to Nashville 2 months after buying a home for his startup to join an accelerator program.  It was through the accelerator program that the team was able to make connections to some of their largest customers, Sony Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Universal Music Group.  In the episode he also shares the story of the moment that led to a pivot that secured 25 letters of intent from customers without a single line of code. This pivot led to the company raising over $1MM in funding.


Key Highlights

  • How Jammber secured first customers and investors
  • The importance of the customer discovery process
  • Decision making process and approach

  • How to calculate risks and execute efficiently

Tools & Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Project Music Accelerator



Favorite Business Book

“Pour Your Heart Into It” by Howard Schultz



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