Justin Lawrence 
Co-Founder of LBE Global

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Justin Lawrence is the Co-Founder of LBE Global, a digital consulting agency that bridges the gap between the creation of a product to the launch of the product. As a technical co-founder Justin shares his experience building his own tech startups as well as his experiences helping other entrepreneurs launch businesses.  He shares tips to attract potential co-founders and employees to bring your idea to world.  In the episode he goes into the importance of having a clear vision on the problem you are trying to solve and the narrative your brand represents.  Lastly he shares ideas that will optimize and help launch your product more effectively once the product is created.


Key Highlights:

  • How to get developers to buy into your idea and help you build your vision
  • The importance of having a launch plan
  • Finding your target market before you start building a solution
  • Having a clear vision of the problem you are trying to solve

Tools & Resources Mentioned in the Show:


'LTV' - Lifetime Value

CAC - Cost of Acquisition

"10X" by Grant Cardone

"New Rules for Marketing and PR" by David Meerman Scott



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