Mohamed Kamara
Founder of Inovcares


Mohamed Kamara is the founder of Inovcares, a platform that is at the forefront of moving healthcare towards a consumer-centric system by aligning itself with patients' interests.  He shares how overcoming the grief of his sister dying during child breath ignited him to take up the gauntlet and create an innovative healthcare solution.

It was through this personal tragedy that led Mohamed to educate himself on the Telehealthcare solutions. Throughout the interview, you’ll learn stories how his personal motto, “before you build anything go and test it first,” kept him from falling in the many pitfalls of building a technology solutions as a Non-Technical founder. He goes into detail how to build services packages focused on profitability.


Key Highlights

  • “Before you build anything go and test it first”
  • The importance of the customer discovery process
  • Bootstrap funding


Tools & Resources Mentioned in the Show:

  • AWS
  • Hyperion Financial Management



Favorite Business Book

Market vs. Medicine: America’s Epic Fight for Better, Affordable Healthcare

Fixing the Primary Care Problem

The Executive in Action

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