Sheena Allen
Founder CEO of Capway

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Sheena Allen is the Co-Founder of Capway, a financial technology startup that focuses on the financial health of the unbanked and underbanked.  Prior to Capway Sheena launched Sheena Allen Apps, a mobile app company that has created apps that have garnered millions of downloads in the app store.  In this episode Sheena discusses the inspiration behind her new startup Capway, a company that was inspired by her own experience growing up in Mississippi and the lack of financial services she saw in her own community. Sheena also shares how she went about building her first mobile app that got her 3 Million+ downloads, her experiences raising money for her companies, and how she finds and connects with the right mentors and builds her teams.  


Key Highlights:

  • Leveraging your own unique perspective to take a different approach to solving problems using technology
  • Securing "smart money" investors that will provide value to your startup
  • Steps to building the right team to get from ideation to MVP
  • Finding and connecting with mentors that will help you grow as an entrepreneur


Favorite Business Book:

"The Starting Guide: Your First Mobile App + Business 101 Tips" by Sheena Allen


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