Boyede Sobitan
Co-Founder of OjaExpress


Boyede Sobitan is the co-founder of OjaExpress, a mobile grocery delivery service.  The OjaExpress app takes stress out of your hard to find traditional foods, so you can have time to focus on more important things.  Boyede discusses how his perspective as a 1st generation Nigerian-American helped shape him as an entrepreneur.  With a background in healthcare and a masters in health administration Boyede shares how his experiences and skills translate to tech entrepreneurship. He also tells the story of how he met his co-founder and how an article in GQ magazine sparked the drive to execute on his idea.


Key Highlights:

  • Using the lean methodology in building his startup
  • Meeting his co-founder at a mastermind group
  • The GQ article that was the spark to executing on the idea
  • Life in the ER and how it prepared him for startup life


Boye's Hype Song:

"Knuck If You Buck" - Crime Mob


Tool & Resources Mentioned in the Show:


Favorite Business Book:

"Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun: How Reginald Lewis Created a Billion-dollar Business Empire" by Reginald Lewis


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