JB Adkins
Founder of Hyte
"Hitch a Flight Anywhere!"


J.B Adkins is the founder of HYTE.  In the show JB shares how his passion for flying led him to building is startup.  He highlights his experiences raising money, travelling to meet investors, and his experience as a guest on a reality game show.


Key Highlights:

  • MVP Generated $5,000 in one week
  • Travelling to other countries to meet with Investors
  • Landing on a reality show pitch contest
  • Balancing startup life with being a husband and father


Show Notes



Tools & Books Mentioned in this Show


Favorite Book

"E-Myth" by Michael Gerber


JB's Hype Songs

"Options" - Luke James

Planet Shakers


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Music Produced by Calid B @Calidb

Ahmad Murrah