Jason Johnson
Co-Founder of Konveau


Jason Johnson is the founder of Konveau. The Konveau app uses personality science and common interests to help guests make connections at social gatherings.  Jason and his co-founder launched the app in 2016 but the idea of Konveau was an idea the team had been working on for some time.  In this episode Jason shares his journey of launching Konveau.  He discusses the difficulties of hiring developers and the pitfalls to avoid.  The importance of growing your business and showing traction before taking on investors. He also shares funny stories that include a former classmate who is a very well known Chicago rapper.


Key Highlights:

  • The keys to getting investors
  • Teaming up with co-founders for your idea
  • How to hire app developers


Show Notes

Tools  & Resources Mentioned in this Show:


Favorite Business Book:

"Crossing the Chasm" by Jeffrey A Moore


Jason's Hype Song

"Amazing" - Kanye West


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