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Who is VetsWhoCode?

Vets Who Code is a veteran operated 501c3 charitable non-profit, dedicated to filling the wide chasm between technical expertise needed and available with early stage transitioning veterans and active duty military spouses through software development training and education. We are utilizing our online setup to train veterans anywhere, but we are so much more. We are a team of people with hybrid tech skills and a lean mentality, focused on helping veterans not only learn how to program, but get jobs in the field and to do it without the unnecessary bloat that other nonprofits take on. From a Brand Strategist who has worked with Fortune 500 Companies, to a Head of Operations that understands how to grow and build companies, to little old me, who got thrown into this because I simply wanted to help my fellow veterans, which is the most important part of this nonprofit. 75% of the team is veterans, and we provide what you need to surpass our successes and learn from our failures. ’Cause if we are to celebrate this thing called life, we need to be there together.

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