Ryan Evans 
Co-Founder of Tend.io

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Ryan Evans is the Founder of Tend.io.  Tend.io gives businesses clearer insights to what drives customer through their proprietary search tool.  In the episode Ryan talks about his path into technology and the steps he's taken to successfully launch 2 startups.  He shares his approach to early customer acquisition and customer discovery.  Ryan also highlights several steps every entrepreneur can take to land their first paying customers and how to find those customers!


Key Highlights:

  • Insights on how to find a problem that technology can solve
  • Importance of understanding your customer and their pain points
  • How to acquire customers and grow your business

Tools & Resources Mentioned in the Show:

SEM Rush

Nerdy Data





Favorite Business Book:

"How to Fail at Absolutely Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the story of my life" by Scott Adams


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