Iman Oubou
Founder & CEO of Swaay Media

Iman Oubou is the founder of Swaay Media, a digital publication for women with entrepreneurial pursuits that focus on elevating, spotlighting, and inspiring women that want to start their own businesses and challenge the status quo.  Her website garnered over 300,000 visits in its the first day!  In this episode she shares how she built and how she went from a Biomedical Engineer to 'Miss New York' to host of the successful podcast "Entrepreneur EnVogue" to tech entrepreneur.  She discusses the steps the led to her success as a podcast host and CEO of  She also shares the story of leaving her corporate job and then going on to raise over $500k for her startup.


Key Highlights

  • Organizing and prioritizing her product roadmap
  • Finding resources and mentors to help build the idea
  • Bringing on the right talent that believe in the mission of the business
  • Discovering product market fit


Tools & Resources Mentioned in the Show





Favorite Business Book

"6 Months to 6 Figures" by Peter Voogd



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