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Nick Potts is the Co-Founder of ScriptDrop. ScriptDrop offers a prescription delivery service that makes the delivery process easier for both pharmacists and patients.  In this episode you will hear how Nick leveraged his domain expertise and industry experience to secure funding before building the first iteration of ScriptDrop.  Nick shares his experience learning the industry and understanding the problems facing pharmacies and patients.  How the $300 billion dollars in unfulfilled prescriptions provided the insight to recognize the opportunity and build a solution to help fix it!  From moving back home to save money as he built his idea, emailing over 200 potential investors, and connecting with his CTO and Co-founder, Larry Scott.  


Key Highlights

  • Securing funding for the idea pre-product
  • Finding the right team and the perfect co-founder
  • Customer discovery process and product-market fit helps to scale the product quickly
  • Understanding the importance of reaching out to the right investors

Tools & Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Burn Rate

Product Market Fit






Favorite Business Book

 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Letters


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