Andyshea Saberioon
Co-Founder of PledgeCents

Andyshea Saberioon is the Co-Founder of Pledgecents is a social impact marketplace that is bridging the gap between EdTech companies and classrooms. To date Pledgecents has helped over 400,000 students through the platform. In this episode Andy talks about how he and his co-founder started in the EdTech space with no education or tech background.  He shares how they immersed themselves in the space once they started working on the idea and built a strong team of industry experts as their advisors. He also shares tips on how to connect with industry experts leveraging social media.
Key highlights:
Two-sided markets and the "chicken and egg" problem
Securing industry experts as board members
The relationship between co-founders
Managing investor money and relationships
Show Notes

Tools & Resources Mentioned in the Show
The Lean Lab
Google Docs
ET the HipHop Preacher


Favorite Business Book
"Delivering Happiness" by Tony Hsieh


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