Salma Amin Saad
Co-Founder of Andariya

Salma Amin Saad, Co-Founder of Andariya, strives to provide content for the socially conscientious, information hungry and worldly Sudanese and South Sudanese audiences at home and beyond.  Andariya was created to address the images and narratives being told and shared about Sudan and the Sudanese people and diaspora.  In this episode we get insights into the challenges as well as the benefits of building a tech startup in Sudan.  Salma shares several keys to the success of Andariya as well as how she met her co-founder through through social media. She shares how they worked to overcome challenges such as economic sanctions that prevent them from leveraging online marketing and how they decided to focus on other areas to strengthen their brand.


Key Highlights:

  • Creating processes and systems to scale your startup quickly and efficiently
  • Finding and connecting with experts and advisers to help hone and fine-tune your idea
  • How their business model evolved as they learned more and gained more experience in their industry
  • Leveraging their experiences of building the own start up to become experts in their market which has led to other revenue generating opportunities


Tools & Resources Mentioned in the Show:


Google Analytics

Social Baker


Editorial Calendar



Favorite Business Book:

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg


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