Joey Womack 
Co-Founder of Amplify4Good

Joey Womack is the Co-founder of Amplify4Good.  Amplify4Good uses rapid problem-solving to help organizations create social impact.  His company has led innovation labs for Google, Coca-Cola, Ford and other great companies.  In the show he shares how his experience in marketing and event planning led to an opportunity to organize a hackathon with no experience.  It was through this experience that he decided use technology to help his community and create his startup, Amplify4Good.  Joey also shares his goal of impacting the lives of 1 billion people and his plan to achieve it!


Key Highlights:

  • His approach to customer discovery, the lean methodology, and business development 
  • Turning a facebook group into a business
  • Dealing with the challenges of managing multiple companies
  • Tactics to help build processes and infrastructure to save time and maximize efficiency


Tools & Resources Mentioned in Show

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