Chris Campbell Founder & CEO of Review Trackers

Chris talks about raising $6 million for Review Trackers, his first few businesses, and the learnings that have helped him build Review Trackers from the early stages of an idea to the successful company customers love today.

Chris discusses how he talked to 100+ customers before building one line of code.  He shares his experience using the Lean Methodology approach to building his company.  He explores details about moving to South America to start his business and coming back to the U.S. and winning his first customer when they didn’t even have way to accept payment.  

Startups are hard, but Chris explores how resources like the gener8tor accelerator, a great team, and a visionary mindset led contributed to Review Trackers high growth. He credits the importance of fine tuning your “pitch” as the first step to build a high growth startup outside of Silicon Valley.

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